Verantis Environmental Solutions Shanghai is an experience supplier of complete solutions for processing industrial waste and treating effluents and air emissions from virtually any industrial application.

Verantis takes a single source approach to providing a completely integrated system including engineering services related to waste characterization and environmental permitting activities, complete system design, equipment fabrication and supply and installation and commissioning services.

In addition, we also provide local, aftermarket service as well as system optimization capabilities for all types of incineration and air pollution control equipment. For over 50 years, Verantis has successfully provided engineering services and equipment for a broad range of industrial waste disposal and air emissions and liquid effluent treatment applications. Our global capabilities with operations in the United States, China, and Singapore enable us to localize designs and fabrication activities for virtually any location in the world.

Our capabilities cover essentially all industrial applications from a waste processing, air emissions and water treatment standpoint with particular emphasis on the TCS-Silane, Polysilicon. Solar, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical and Pulp and Paper markets. In addition we also have considerable experience in the Chemical, Petro Chemical and Commercial Hazardous Waste disposal markets as well. We provide a complete line of thermal treatment technologies for industrial gaseous, liquid and solid waste streams and our proven technologies also include multiple types of wet scrubbing/mass transfer air emissions scrubbing system as well as traditional wet style, electrostatic and dry air pollution control equipment for control of particulate emissions. Our in-house capabilities also include aerosol removal and mist elimination equipment as well as a full line of water treatment systems for specialized industrial wastewater and scrubbing system liquid discharge applications. Our thermal treatment capabilities include a full line of rotary kiln, liquid and fume and controlled air style incineration systems. We also have the capabilities to provide waste heat recovery and product recovery systems for all of our thermal treatment equipment.