Verantis has been providing custom engineered, thermal treatment systems for processing a broad range of industrial hazardous wastes to clients all over the world for over 25 years.

Our incineration and thermal treatment technologies are capable of processing solid, liquid, sludge and gaseous waste streams generated from a wide range of commercial, industrial and medical waste applications. We have the capabilities to provide heat recovery systems in conjunction with the incineration equipment as well as specialized product recovery systems for generating usable products such as hydrogen chloride (HCl) from the processing of chlorinated waste streams. With the recent acquisition of the Andersen 2000 incineration technologies, Verantis truly has the ability to provide systems that are capable of processing virtually any type of industrial waste.

From a systems standpoint, Verantis has the internal capabilities to provide all of the necessary engineering activities for a project ranging from waste characterization studies and environmental permitting to the actual equipment design. We have the resources and experience for the integration of all aspects of the entire incineration plant into a complete system package that is custom engineered for your application. In addition, Verantis has worldwide manufacturing capabilities allowing for high quality fabrication of all system components while maintaining the ability to provide the most economical alternatives from both a capital cost and shipping/logistical standpoint.