Tellerettes® Packings

Verantis Packed Bed Scrubbers and Absorbers employ Verantis Tellerettes® brand of mass transfer packings to optimize Vapor/Liquid contact in order to facilitate the mass transfer of gaseous contaminants from the vapor phase into the liquid phase.  These low energy packings utilize a proprietary toroidal helix design that makes them more efficient than conventional mass transfer packings in a wide range of scrubber and particulate collection applications.

Verantis engineers and provides Robust and Proven scrubber designs by integrating Tellerettes® packings with our extensive database of empirical mass transfer data for a wide range of scrubber applications including acidic gas and alkaline gas scrubbing, NOx.and SOx scrubbing, chlorinated silane hydrolysis, and many more applications.

Verantis is the only environmental solutions group to provide  access to the power of Tellerettes®.